Sunday, March 5, 2017

Between Books - The Disney-Driven Life

The Disney-Drive Life: Inspiring Lessons from Disney History by Jeff Dixon provides life lessons from Disney history as one walks through the Magic Kingdom.  Dixon methodically works through the theme park telling about key attractions in each land but adding a story, typically about Walt Disney, which can inspire.  His goal is to help his readers move beyond being a person loaded with potential to someone who lives up to that potential.  Dixon's stories generally remind readers of the worth of others, not giving up, dreaming and taking action on those dreams.  

Overall, the text is fine and likely worth the $4 price to read the Kindle edition for many.  I just found myself lost at times.  Often Dixon looks to link the attraction to Walt Disney's life.  But, Disney never visited a completed Walt Disney World so the stories are often linked to Disney's actions on the West Coast at Disneyland.  Also several of the chapters have numerous lessons that one can take from the discussed experience.  Perhaps, shorter chapters would allow for the book have more of these lessons more overly called out.

The Disney-Drive Life: Inspiring Lessons from Disney History is a book written to inspire the Disney fan.  Luckily, between the stories of Walt Disney and his park many a lesson can be mined and Disney fans have these collected stories and more to create inspiration.  


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