Friday, January 8, 2016

Cap's Comics - Figment 2 #2

Jim Zub's Figment 2 #2 shows us a Dreamfinder struggling with doubt.  He has been plucked out of his time and all that he knows is now antiquated.  Additionally, he has failed to harness the power of imagination on a very public stage.  But Figment and Fye attempt to pick up their questioning friend.  They hope that a display of the power of imagination to the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus will put Dreamfinder back onto a path of confidence.  The display is not all that is hoped for and a new villain enters the story.  Meanwhile, another dreamer imagines a "Spark"!

Action Figure Variant

Dreamfinder is Captain America!  Dreamfinder is a man out of time and he is frustrated!  He wants to master the technology and learning found in modern times.  He struggles with not being left behind, even if that means turning his back on those tools he is most skilled with.  I think he probably has a list, just like Cap, of modern to-dos.  Dreamfinder wants to know that he can manage to remain intelligent and spry in this world.  It is both painful to watch and something that every adult can understand as we wish to feel confidant and competent in the world we live in.

I do love me some Easter Eggs.  And the Academy has a great one in Ramon Bachs' art.  It is the sort of tribute that gives chills to a Disney fan!

So far, Figment 2 lacks the excitement of Figment.  But to be fair these characters are no longer new.  And there is a dark shadow falling over our heroes.  Maybe a new Spark can conquer doubt!

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