Monday, January 25, 2016

Between Books - Going to Disneyland: A Guide for Kids & Kids at Heart

Going to Disneyland: A Guide for Kids & Kids at Heart by Shannon Willis Laskey is a Disneyland guide book that is targeted at kids.  Like most Disneyland guides this book goes through the park, land by land, discussing the attractions, shows, dining and atmosphere.  The book provides kids with histories of attractions, fun facts, quizzes, descriptions and much much more.  Games, Imagineer profiles and provide your thoughts cues are all scattered throughout the book.  Additionally the book ends with a journal for kids to write about their own adventures.  The book also provides a summary of the different Disney storylines that one enters in the attractions.  

The synopsis of Going to Disneyland: A Guide for Kids & Kids at Heart is familiar to Disney fans looking for the next great Disneyland guide.  And I have seen a few other guides targeted at kids.   Yet the book still stands out in living color and I do mean color.  Laskey is an illustrator and graphic designer, and this is where the text shines.  Honestly this is where book stands out of the crowd.  The volume is highly colorful with a mix of illustrations and pictures by photographer Dave DeCaro.  It is far from drab.   Laskey melds these images into her guide text to present what could be to a kid "educational facts" in an exciting and engaging manner.   This makes every page different and engaging especially to a younger reader, as one never knows what the next page could offer.  Will there be a quiz or a chance to make note of a favorite attraction?  Will there be a matching game to help one pass the time in lines?  It often feels like the possibilities are endless, making the reading fresh as every page is turned.

Is that a Haunted Mansion coloring page?  Why yes it is!  Going to Disneyland: A Guide for Kids & Kids at Heart is an unexpectedly fun Disneyland guide.  It can provide interactive preparation for a child going to Disneyland, occupy time in the park and help them remind their memories at home.  And the color and images makes the volume pop out in a often crowded guide category.  The Between Kid is sure to have days of fun with this volume!

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