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Between Books - Star Wars: The High Republic Defy the Storm

Book cover for Star Wars The High Repbulic Defy the Storm filled with numerous characthers surrounded by gas masked wearing Nihil.

The High Republic publicity machine continues!

Star Wars: The High Republic Defy the Storm by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland continues the story of the Republic’s attempt to free citizens from behind the Nihil Stormwall. This installment focuses on a handful of characters, which we have seen in other installments, but not the most recent book in the series. A group including a Jedi, a young scientific savant, a crass businessman, and a law enforcer find a way to sneak behind the Stormwall and enter Nihil space. Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh returns from a year of self-exile to save her former Padawan from the Nihil. Avano Starros attempts to overcome her mother’s betrayal and misuse of her technological innovations to destroy the Stromwall, even if she has to become a killer. Xylan Graf seeks a good haircut, freedom for his dog, and expanding his self-interests. And Jordanna Sparkburn hopes to save those she left behind the wall. The four unlikely allies go on an adventure to learn more about the Stormwall, the secrets of the Nihil’s greatest weapon against the Jedi, and themselves.

Yoda joins us for around 2 pages of this addition to the story.

I did not hate Defy the Storm. In fact, I found myself having a good time. While this is not my favorite Star Wars book, Gratton and Ireland give us mostly a self-contained adventure. We can focus mostly on just these four, their relationships, and their struggles. I think the small cast is in fact a positive as it allows character development. We find ourselves with an adventure with stakes, all but Vern who will be live-action soon, can be killed, which also gives us character development moments. Mentally the majority of main-cast are humanoids and the Nihil can give us mental images of anything we want since they are meant to be chaotic. The story by itself worked for me, but it also led me to earn for a new classic Star Wars cast story. 

I am not a fan of the High Republic. But I like what Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland give us in Star Wars: The High Republic Defy the Storm. The authors give us an adventure tale with character development. While I want more Yoda and connection to what happened in the last story I do think and hope that this series is heading to another major climax like we found in the fall of Starlight Beacon. 


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