Thursday, March 16, 2023

Between Books - Star Wars: The High Republic Quest for the Hidden City

Welcome to Gloom, a world of ruins and monsters.

I mean, welcome to Gloam, a world of ruins and monsters.

Star Wars: The High Republic Quest for the Hidden City by George Mann is part of the second High Republic story campaign, which chronologically is before the first wave. This volume is for older child/young teen readers. In short, bad things are happening on the gloomy planet of Gloam. On this world a Jedi unit of Pathfinders, a father/son pair of hyperspace prospectors, and monsters all intersect for an adventure during the High Republic.

Yeah, my summary is short, It’s a pretty straightforward story of getting different groups onto Gloam and then pushing them all together. The story has a horror element, which I am not a fan of, but I didn’t get too scared. It reminds me a bit of the now non-canon Star Wars: Death Troopers or Star Wars: Red Harvest meant for older audiences but also giving a feeling of creeping doom.

I scratch my head about how this is all to come together. There are mentions of the Forever War and Jedha which are found in other books or mentioned. But all of the Jedi and non-Jedi characters are new. I am finding it very difficult to create a literary relationship with any new characters. Mann’s writing is fine and very much at the reading level of his audience. I just wonder if we replaced the word Jedi with Wizard if some of these books would be better off on their own without a Star Wars label.

Oh, do not worry! I am not done with these Star Wars: High Republic wave two books. Star Wars: The High Republic Quest for the Hidden City like it’s predecessors failed to be the key to open up this new chapter of Star Wars literature for me. But maybe the next offering will get a less gloomy opinion from me.

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