Friday, November 14, 2014

Cap's Comics - Ward Dizzley's 100% True Life Action Adventure Comics Digest Issue ONE

Ward Dizzley's 100% True Life Action Adventure Comics Digest Issue ONE is a very different comic than those that typically show up in the Cap’s Comics section.  But it is likely the first, and maybe the only, largely set in a Disney Theme Park.  In this case the majority of the action in the book takes place in the Walt Disney World Resort.  The fictional editor-in-chief of this comic is Ward Dizzley, a clear parody of Walt Disney.  The humorous nature of the book is underscored by ads for products like “Burning Settler’s Cabin” which is economically priced at a dollar.  The low price shows us we are in a prior era since there is no way you could get a burning cabin for that price today!  But a word to the wise, don’t buy in bulk.  

The main content of the book is three stories.  The first story is a satirical Uncle Remus tale.  The second is a story of two slackers who join up with a pair of ladies in the Walt Disney Resort and hit it off or not.  The third is the story of the meeting of Hoot Gibson and Chief, two Walt Disney World employees who love the resort and learn the secret of exploring backstage.  The art is fun and relaxed and fits the light stories in the comic.

Really this comic has a dedicated audience, the fans of the Mesa Verde Times which documents the adventures of Hoot Gibson and the late Chief backstage at Horizons.  This blog has a very dedicated audience that enjoys their writing style and stories.  And this comic was really made for that loyal audience.  Those who are big fans of satire in the Mad Magazine style would also likely enjoy this comic.  But the comic is not for kids, as it includes mature material.  This is not a fan extension of the Disney Kingdoms comics.  And it is not for super hero comic fans, unless they also like Mesa Verde Times or satire magazines also.   

Ward Dizzley's 100% True Life Action Adventure Comics Digest Issue ONE is a comic that dedicated to a specific Disney fan community.  But it is likely not for everyone.  However, it is an offering in the Kindle Unlimited program.  Therefore, for those wishing to sample without buying there is an affordable option.  

While I could see Rolly Crump giving this comic a big thumbs up, not all of Rolly’s fans may agree. 

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