Monday, November 10, 2014

Between Books - Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

What is it like to apply for, be selected and work in the Disney College Program? This is likely a question that many parents and young adults have? Is it safe? Will the participants become rich? Are they all friends of Mickey Mouse and if not what kinds of jobs can one get? These are questions that Elly and Caroline Collins help answer in their latest book.

Two Girls and Mouse Tale by Elly and Caroline Collins provides an account of their two semesters away from school as members of the Disney College Program. They provide a comprehensive review of the program. This includes the application process, selecting which resort to apply for, and interviewing. Once selected they go into depth on the housing options, packing and the question of bringing a car. Their accounts once they are in Orlando include living in Disney housing (including its pitfalls), special events for Disney College Program participants, educational opportunities and work schedules. Throughout the book they sprinkle the logistics of being in the Disney College Program with dairy like accounts of their own experiences.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale provides a very personal look at the Disney College Program. The writers provide a lot of good details about the program including how to select jobs on one’s application and the advantages/disadvantages of the two United States’ resorts. And I think they make a pretty strong case for Orlando due to the volume of positions and support systems that Orlando provides. If one is interested in the types of housing Orlando provides, they provide an extensive breakdown of different apartment complexes and what is it like living in Disney housing, hint do not pin anything to the wall. They also provide tales of their own roommate issues, which many in their early 20s can relate to. I am pretty sure I was the bad roommate having turned up the stereo one time (seriously it was like one time)! I personally found it interesting seeing the list of benefits including courses for college credit, special parties and extensive discounts. Overall, I think this is a good resource for someone considering applying to the Disney College Program.

There are a few hiccups for me from a writing side. It can be difficult telling who is writing which section, though they sometimes identify themselves. There are sections that appear to be self quotes, but I am not really sure where they are quoting themselves from. And there are some specific Disney terms, like Basics Walk, that I do not believe every reader will know. These issues would at times take me out of their personal anecdotes, with me generally getting back into the book when they recounted program logistics.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale is a helpful book for those looking to enter the Disney College Program. It provides firsthand accounts of how to apply, live and work in the program. Parents reading this book will be reassured that the Disney College Program is not a constant party for every cast member. Potential Disney College Program participants will have needed information on how to prepare for their experience. Readers will be better informed and ready to face the Disney College Program ready to hit the ground running, or if they are smart it seems driving.

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