Monday, January 9, 2012

Between Books - Windows on Main Street

Chuck Snyder in Windows on Main Street: Discover the Real Stories of the Talented People Featured n the Windows of Main Street U.S.A. provides his readers the significance behind the “businesses” highlighted on windows on Main Street U.S.A in the Disneyland Park and The Magic Kingdom.  Each display window not only helps give the setting a feeling of a working main street but also honors key contributors to the parks.  Each page generally displays three windows and a short biography for an individual honored in the window.  The text also provides a silhouette map of both Main Street U.S.A.s and an index to the location of every honorary window display. 
This is a useful but short book.  I have used it as a quick resource several times to determine if a Disney contributor has been included in the main street displays.  It is only 25 pages long with index and introduction.  This leaves around 15 pages of windows and biographies, so the text is not exhaustive on all windows.  It really only highlights several windows without digging into all of them.  And for a figure like Marc Davis who has a window in both parks the book only shows his Disneyland window while his Walt Disney World window is very different and shared with other contributors including Claude Coats.  This book is a quick and fun read, but I would love to have a more exhaustive examination of these honors.  However, it does still make a informative yet relatively cost effective memento from the parks. 

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