Monday, September 19, 2011

Dreaming Disney – AllEars.Net

Recently because of a friend’s question I had to think through again where to start for planning a Disney vacation.  My first step is to always order the free planning video.  Now part of the reason for that to be first is it takes time to get it in the mailbox.  The second thing I tell someone to do is go visit www.AllEars.Net
I really like “free” and AllEars is the best comprehensive free online source I have found for the Walt Disney World Resort.  Well actually like most good things, my wife found it.  AllEars for Walt Disney World has pictures and comprehensive information on accommodations, dining, attractions, and more.  If I have a question about ride vehicles, dieteary issues or anything I can think of as friends ask me their strangest questions, I go to AllEars.  Additionally there are blogs that contributors provide on a variety of Disney topics.  We have used this site to help us determine where our family would  stay when Disney Adjacent, flipping through pictures to determine room layouts.  And my wife and I have spent hours using the menus to determine where we were going to eat on our next visit.  We have found the Rate and Review sections highly valuable as we read the reactions of other guests to hotel rooms and meals.  In short, the least prepared I ever have been visiting Walt Disney World was when I did not know AllEars existed.  Now as a caveat, the site is not as comprehensive about the Disneyland Resort, but its menus and dining information are still some of the best I have seen for California.  In fact, I have seen phone applications for Disneyland drawing directly from AllEars.  So even programmers know AllEars is your go to site! 
Now along with the site itself they also offer an email weekly newsletter that has news updates, tips and typically a main feature on food, history, and more in the Disney parks.  Honestly, I really enjoy getting this glimpse of Disney in my Inbox every week. 
So how does this impact my life beyond vacation planning?  Well late at night my wife has caught me with the lights off in the office as I star  at 'Ohana’s menu.  After a few awkward moments she may join me.  To be honest I look at this site a few times a week even if I do not have a trip planned.  And at work I get asked questions all the time, and if that question is about food or hotels, I teach a man to fish by taking them to www.AllEars.Net
How do you use AllEars Between Disney?

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