Friday, September 9, 2011

Between Books: Stories from a Theme Park Insider

Stories from a Theme Park Insider collects the memories of author and blogger Robert Niles.  Niles straight out of college decided to apply to become a Walt Disney World Resort cast member.  Thanks to a winning attitude, and smile, Niles was hired and began his tenure in Frontierland piloting rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island.  Niles would go on to be cross trained and work at other attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean.  The stories Niles shares include his own experiences interacting with guests, stories shared by his blog readers, and insider knowledge that he picked up as a cast member including why height requirements are no joke.  I found myself thinking about roller coaster brakes and control zones on my last Disney vacation thanks to this book. 

Stories from a Theme Park Insider is a quick and refreshing read.  I have found that books about baseball and ironically enough being a Disney cast member tend to fall into the category of young people doing questionable things memoirs.  Some that I have read attempt to shock their readers with stories meant to show how deviant cast members can be.  This is not that book and is a refreshing change of pace.  Instead Niles, shares largely humorous yet not provocative tales from his days working Disney attractions.  And this makes for a brisk, fun and easy read.  It is the sort of book that helps you return to the spirit of the Disney parks and a past vacation or get you excited for a future one.  And with the book currently as an eBook download it is an incredible value.  In fact, it is the first eBook I have ever purchased for myself, a decision based on price and content.

Readers can read more of Niles' work at which is a theme park consumer guide. 

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