Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cap's Comics - Haunted Mansion #2

Haunted Mansion #2 picks up Danny’s story as he attempts to save his grandfather from the villains within the mansion.  Readers meet some instantly likeable characters and get a vision of the villains within the mansion.  And we ask the big question, will the party ever end?

Danny charges into the castle to save his beloved grandfather’s soul.  Danny after entry meets Pickwick at the banquet hall the grand party that is taking place.  Pickwick loves this party and seems at times to forget the peril his soul is in.  And Danny appears to be picking up this attitude, making us worry if Danny will overlook his own quest.  Readers also meet the villains of the mansion.  The Captain, a soul trapped on land, appears to be the big bad that has trapped the souls within the mansion.  But it is Constance that even scares him and leaves the mansion’s denizens headless!  Is Danny now in the Captain’s sight?  Can he evade Constance?  And most of all, where’s Grandpa?

John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant

Joshua Williamson makes the story choice that Disney fans need him to.  He makes both the Captain and Constance, two villains filled with canon and head canon references, the villains of his tale.  In many ways he is reconciling the story needs of adult Haunted Mansion fans.  Someone would have been unhappy with either choice.  So he has gone with both.  And while neither side may be entirely happy, well the story is for kids and both villains seem to be serving story purposes.  

Brian Crosby Variant Cover

The real highlight for me is the banquet.  Jorge Coehlo gets to draw a party, one which never ends.  His panels are full of the images that fans expect and require.  And Pickwick at the party is quickly becoming my favorite fun loving though misguided character.  

Disney Parks Variant

Haunted Mansion #2 is a safe story giving readers what they expect if they are also Parks fans.  It has the payoffs you want.   It still also has the ability to touch the heart as I was deeply impacted by Grandpa’s reason for being in the mansion.  And needless to say I am still going forward!     

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